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ZIP Code Demographic-Economic Characteristics

.. demographic-economic characteristics of ZIP code areas (ZCAs) are popular for many reasons. Businesses use ZCAs to examine sales patterns and market and sales territories and for planning and analysis; many client/sales related data may only be available by ZIP code. Analysts seek to knit together these business data with broader demographic-economic characteristics of the area/market — as reviewed here. Where are areas of missed opportunity relative to the size of the market? How is one or a group of ZIP code areas changing, and why? How might change impact you? This section provides an illustrative ZIP code area demographic-economic profile and reviews how you can create similar profiles, and datasets for linking your data and further analysis, for any ZCA.

ZIP code 77019, located in the Houston area, is used for illustration. The demographic-economic data/analyses reviewed here were generated using the ProximityOne Outlook2020 software. See that Web section for details about sources, scope and uses of data. Outlook2020 can be used to create these profiles and data extracts for any ZIP code area and many other types of geography.

ZIP Code 77019 in Context of Houston Area
ZIP code 77019 is shown at pointer.

… view created using CV XE GIS.

ZIP Code 77019 Patterns of Economic Prosperity
ZIP code 77019 is shown with bold black boundary. The thematic pattern map shows median household income by census tract.

… view created using CV XE GIS.

Using Outlook2020
Outlook2020 can be used to create a profile for ZCA 77019 (or any ZCA) as well as intersecting census tracts (shown in above view). The two following graphics present a partial view of the ZCA 77019 demographic-economic profile. It is easy to see columns of estimates for two years and their change. The basic profile includes approximately 170 demographic-economic characteristics.

Profile in XLS Structure

Profile in HTML Structure

ZCA 77019 Full HTML Demographic-Economic Profile
See the full profile in this related Web section.

About the Author
— Warren Glimpse is former senior Census Bureau statistician responsible for innovative data access and use operations. He is also the former associate director of the U.S. Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards for data access and use. He has more than 20 years of experience in the private sector developing data resources and tools for integration and analysis of geographic, demographic, economic and business data.