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Metropolitan Area New Residential Construction in 2017

.. understanding the housing situation; examining housing supply and demand market conditions; assessing trends for metropolitan areas … and how metros of interest are changing .. tools and data to examine patterns and change.

During 2017, cities and counties in permit issuing places authorized the construction of 1,281,977 new privately owned housing units with a total valuation of $258.5 billion. This was 1.4 percent above the annual estimate of 1,264,051 housing units and is a 6.2 percent increase from the 2016 total of 1,206,642.

Patterns of New Residential Construction by Metropolitan Area
The following graphic shows the 20 largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) based on the number of new residential housing units authorized in 2017. Click graphic for larger view showing MSAs labeled with rank and name.

View created with CV XE GIS. Click graphic for larger view.

Residential Construction Data Analytics — Using Tools & Data
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