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Examining Economic Well-Being by Metro

.. examining the state of economic well-being: 2008-2017 .. expanding insights through data analytics .. tools and data to examine how and where the U.S. by metropolitan area real personal income is changing.  Real per capita personal income (RPCPI) is the best single measure of personal economic-well being. By examining RPCPI trends over a period, stakeholders can better determine if the area in improving, stable or declining. Still, RPCPI is but one important measure among many others, such as the Regional Price Parities (RPP). Use the interactive table, and related GIS tools, to examine these and other real personal income measures for the Nation’s 383 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). See related Web section for more detail.

Based on data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in May 2019, see about in statistical release dates, real state personal income grew 2.6 percent in 2017, after increasing 1.5 percent in 2016. Real state personal income is a state’s current-dollar personal income adjusted by the state’s regional price parity and the national personal consumption expenditures price index. Across metropolitan areas, the percent change ranged from 14.8 percent in Midland, MI to -5.9 percent in Enid, OK

Visually Examining Patterns of Economic Well-Being
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools provide a powerful to explore these data. The following graphic shows a view of real per capita personal income (RPCPI), 2017, for Texas MSAs. Color patterns for levels of RPCPI are shown in the inset legend. MSAs are labeled with the 2017 RPCPI rank among all U.S. MSAs. Click graphic for larger view; expand browser window for best quality view. The larger view shows MSAs labeled with short name and a mini-profile for Harris County (pointer).

.. view developed with ProximityOne CV XE GIS and related GIS project.

Using the Interactive table
The interactive table (click link to view/use) includes a row for the U.S., U.S. nonmetro area and each Metropolitan Statistical Area (383). Each row provides a 2008-17 annual time series for four items (and derived items): real per capita personal income, regional prices parities-all items, total real personal income, implicit regional price deflator.

The following graphic shows these areas ranked on RPCPI in 2017. See rightmost column rank. Click graphic for larger view. Midland, TX MSA has the 4th highest 2017 RPCPI (shown in blue; also shown in blue in the map graphic above). But … that metro experienced a decrease of 12.1 percent over the period 2010-2017 .. and down from a high RPCPI of $115,069 in 2014. The dynamics of the oil industry!

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About the Author
— Warren Glimpse is former senior Census Bureau statistician responsible for innovative data access and use operations. He is also the former associate director of the U.S. Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards for data access and use. He has more than 20 years of experience in the private sector developing data resources and tools for integration and analysis of geographic, demographic, economic and business data. Contact Warren. Join Warren on LinkedIn.