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Researcher & Story Development Tools & Resources

Innovative and results-oriented story writing often requires geographic, demographic, economic and related data. Research results and stories must increasingly use graphics and visual renderings of data  to be effective, retain reader attention and be responsive to needs. A picture is worth a thousand words. In our expanding everything-integrated world, stories must draw on a range of authoritative data resources that can be knit-together.

Journalists and authors require easy and access to these data in a consumable form. Researchers and students share these needs. Grant writers benefit by including relevant data in proposals and well as unique maps and graphics. Economists and analysts creating interpretative summaries of statistical data releases (“how does this impact us?”) require related data and tools to effectively communicate conclusions and inferences.

This section reviews access to a few of these tools and resources that are available to researchers and story writers — as well as tools to map and otherwise visualize these data. These resources offer the customization or specific detail often not available to meet specific needs. Most of the resources reviewed here are available at no fee. Some resources are available only to ProximityOne User Groupmembers. Join the User Group now. See terms of use. See related Web section.

Navigating the Federal Statistical Resources
… topics below include these and a broader set of resources.

Interactive Geographic-Demographic-Economic Tables
… view, query, rank, compare attributes for many types of geography.

Interactive Location-Based Demographic-Economic Data Tool
… key in address, immediate display of ACS demographic-economic data.
… block group, tract, place, county, state data; latitude-longitude, geocodes.

Custom Mapping Tools (Windows software tool)
… create custom maps for proposed service areas.

Address Code Your Data (Windows software tool)
… show your address/location data on maps.

Chart Graphics; Population Pyramids (Windows software tool)
… age-cohort chart graphics for your county or school district.

Demographic-Economic Data Extraction Tool (Windows software tool)
… use this API-tool to extract your selected subject matter data.
… census block, block group, other geographic levels
… Census 2000, Census 2010, ACS 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
… create your own files for use with Excel/other software.

Custom maps can enhance your proposal; make custom map graphics:

Make Custom Congressional District Maps
… create custom maps for individual or custom grouped congressional districts.
… CD 113 and CD 114 boundaries are the same, based on maps submitted by states to the Census Bureau.

Make Custom City Maps
… create custom maps for cities of interest; examine in context of other geography.

Make Custom Metro Maps
… create custom maps for metropolitan or micropolitan statistical areas.

Make Custom Neighborhood Maps
… create thematic/pattern maps; access related demographic-economic data by neighborhood.

Make Custom Block Group Maps
… create custom maps for small, sub-neighborhood areas.

Make Custom Census Block Maps
… create custom maps for areas by census block – smallest geographic area with detailed demographics.

America’s Communities Program
… demographic-economic profiles for individual cities.

School District Community Profiles
… demographic-economic multi-part profiles for individual school districts.

School District Characteristics

K-12 Public Schools Characteristics – individual and all schools

K-12 Private Schools Characteristics – individual and all schools

Charter Schools Characteristics & Patterns – individual and all schools

County Population Trends; Annual Projections to 2020 by Age Group
… population trends profiles for individual counties … how is school age population changing? 65 & over?
most recent county official estimates – click link in table
county trend profile – example for Cook County, IL; all counties available

Metropolitan Area Characteristics
… geographic & demographic composition profiles for individual metros.
Current Vintage Metropolitan Areas
2015 Updates: New and Modified Metros
Metropolitan Area Median Income and Housing Value: 2013-14

State Legislative District Characteristics
… geographic & demographic composition profiles for individual state legislative districts.

Congressional District Characteristics
… geographic & demographic composition profiles for individual congressional districts.
114th Congressional Districts: Median Income and Housing Value: 2013-14

Census Tract Demographic-Economic Patterns
Main Census Tracts section interactive tables includes all tracts:
General Demographics | Social Characteristics | Economic Characteristics | Housing Characteristics

ZIP Code Demographic-Economic Patterns
Main ZIP Code section … interactive tables include all ZIP code areas:
General Demographics | Social Characteristics | Economic Characteristics | Housing Characteristics

More about ProximityOne Demographic-Economic Projections
Outlook 2020 | Outlook 2030 | Outlook 2060 | Quarterly 3 year
• integrated multi-sourced Situation & Outlook demographic-economic data

About the Author
— Warren Glimpse is former senior Census Bureau statistician responsible for innovative data access and use operations. He is also the former associate director of the U.S. Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards for data access and use. He has more than 20 years of experience in the private sector developing data resources and tools for integration and analysis of geographic, demographic, economic and business data.