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Examining a Century of County Population Change: 1910-2010

Harris County, Texas (Houston area) increased in population from 115,693 in 1910 to 4,092,459 in 2010. See how the county population changed, decade by decade, using the interactive table in the related Web section.

How have your counties of interest changed in population since 2000? during the past century? Find out … key in a county name of interest using the interactive table shown in this section.

Decade-to-decade population change by county has varied greatly in the last century in many parts of the United States. This section presents U.S. by county map views depicting change by decade based on the decennial census. Use the related interactive table in this section to view, query, rank and compare counties of interest. The interactive table shows the Census 2010 population and the population change by decade for each county.

County Population Change, Houston TX Area

View created using CV XE GIS and related GIS project. Thematic pattern (color fill pattern) shows population change 2000-2010. Bar charts show population change by decade, 1930-2010. Click graphic for larger view and additional details. ProximityOne User Group members ( join now, no fee) may use the software and GIS project to create similar views for any decade. Zoom to an area of interest. Add name, codes, or data values as labels. Add other geography.

County Population Change, 2000-2010

Click graphic for larger view and details.

Visualizing County Population Change by Decade
In the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, much of eastern Texas population declined (pink shaded counties). Those areas have seen strong population growth since then (green shaded counties).

See map graphics for each decade in related Web section.

Counties with Most Population Growth, 2000-2010
Graphic shows counties ranked in descending order on rightmost column.

Click graphic for larger view.

Counties with Most Population Loss, 2000-2010
Graphic shows counties ranked in ascending order on rightmost column.

Click graphic for larger view.

Use interactive table in related Web section to select/rank by state; choose alternative decade.

Compute Population for Any Decennial Census
Using the interactive table compute the population for any decennial census date by starting with the Census 2010 population and subtracting gains and adding losses.

Example. Copy the Harris County, TX row to clipboard. Paste into cell A1 of an Excel spreadsheet. Set cell O2 to D2-SUM(E2:N2). The computed total population for Harris County, TX as of the 1910 Census is 115,693.

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