About this Blog

This blog covers topics related to decision-making information resources and solutions.  It is focused on the development, integration and use of geographic-demographic-economic data to help stakeholders better understand where we are now; the what, when and where things will change in the future; and how change might impact us.

The graphic at the top of the page provides a visual example of topics covered in the blog, though focused mainly on the “now” dimension.  This is a view developed by GIS software showing a thematic pattern of median household income by Census 2010 block group using American Community Survey (ACS) data.  Subject matter data from ACS have been integrated into the block group shapefile (TIGER/Line) .  The view is located in the Kansas City metro but could be anywhere in the world.

The thematic  pattern of median household income by block group is shown as a layer superimposed on a MapQuest OpenStreetMap layer used as a base layer.   Schools are shown as triangular markers.  Other wide-ranging geography and subject matter could be added to the view.  Merging diverse independent entities into a holstic picture for collaboration and decision-making.

The timeline “model” for this blog follows new developments in selected major geographic and demographic-economic statistical programs.  New data from these programs create new opportunities to examine new/updated characteristics and change.  Timeline topics are also driven by current events relating to these areas and developments. The blog theme is also driven by type of geography: the world, U.S. and states; metros and component areas;  and counties, cities/places, schools & school districts, census tracts, block groups, census blocks, road segments and point locations.

The blog is written by Warren Glimpse (send message):
– econometrician & modeler; former Census Bureau statistician
– founder and principal of ProximityOne
– developer S&O demographic-economic estimates & projections
– developer Census Bureau State Data Center Program
– developer prototype Census Bureau TIGER/Line GBF
– developer CV XE GIS & wide-ranging integrated systems

Selected terms/abbreviations used in this blog; see more detail related glossary

• ACS — American Community Survey
• CBSA — Core-Based Statistical Areas (MSAs and MISAs)
• DMI — Decision-Making Information
• GDP — Gross Domestic Product
• GIS — Geographic Information System
• MISA — Micropolitan Statistical Area
• MSA — Metropolitan Statistical Area
• PUMA — Public Use Microdata Area
• PUMS — Public Use Microdata Sample

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