Examining Demographics of an Address/Locale

.. the word is that Bosch lives in a different census block and block group than in 2010. He didn’t move. How could this be? Suppose he knows? And why it matters?
.. using VDA Web GIS, here we explore the Find Address feature to locate and view addresses/locations and examine demographic-economic characteristics of the associated locales.
.. the popular Amazon Bosch TV series uses a filming location located at 7207 Woodrow Wilson Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 .. one U.S. residential address among the more than 141 million in the U.S. While this location has Census 2010 block code 06-037-140700-2005, the Census 2020 block code is 06-037-140700-1007 .. not only a different block but different block group (Census 2010: BG 2, Census 2020: BG 1). Analysts, and ultimately decision-makers, need to examine  BG/block pdemographics to compare 2010-based data with 2020-based data to understand patterns and trends.

.. the total number of housing units in the U.S. grew by 6.7% between 2010 and 2020 (140,498,736 based on Census 2020) — approximately half the rate of growth during the previous decade.
.. using any browser (nothing to install) you can use the tools/resources reviewed below for any address enabling visually based decision-making information collaboration. View locations of interest in context of demographic-economic characteristics and patterns.
VDA Find Address
Choose from three methods of VDA Find Address.

.. three methods of the VDA Find Address feature are used to examine characteristics of the locale for the 7207 Woodrow Wilson Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068 address. VDA is used to show this address (blue triangle in graphic below) in context of the broader Los Angeles area.

Option 1 .. Find Address, no geocode returned.
– enter the address into the form, click Go
– the blue triangle is placed at the address location.

Option 2 .. Find Address, returns 2010 census block code
– the Census 2020 block for the location is cross-hatched.
the 2010 census block code is returned as 06-037-140700-2005
– the Census 2020 profile is shown in the lower left panel.

Option 3 .. Find Address, returns 2020 census block code
– the Census 2020 block for the location is cross-hatched.
the 2020 census block code is returned as 06-037-140700-1007
– the Census 2020 profile is show

Changing Demographics
About this address block group:
2010 Census (no “richer” demographics) .. API call .. items
– for 2010 block group 06-037-143700-2
– population: 1,266 .. median household income: not available; not tabulated

2019 American Community Survey (most recent “richer” demographics)
– for 2010 block group 06-037-143700-2
– population: 1,791 .. median household income: $109,511

2020 Census (no “richer” demographics)
– for 2020 block group 06-037-143700-1 (2010 BG data no longer tabulated)
– population: 1,261 .. median household income: unknown/not tabulated
– different 2020 BG code but roughly the same geometry as 2010 BG

2020 American Community Survey (“richer” demographics)
– for 2020 block group 06-037-140700-1
– population: unknown median household income: unknown/not yet available
– ACS 2020 5-year estimates will be released 12/9/21

Using the Visual Data Analytics (VDA) Web GIS
Learn more about VDA.
to to VDA using browser, nothing to install.
Select the “Census 2020” GIS Project; wait for opening view.
Select Tools>Find Address on Main menu bar.

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Join me in a Accessing & Using GeoDemographics Web Session where we discuss topics relating to measuring and interpreting the where, what, when, how and how much demographic-economic change is occurring and it’s impact.

About the Author
Warren Glimpse is former senior Census Bureau statistician responsible for national scope statistical programs and innovative data access and use operations. He is also the former associate director of the U.S. Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards for data access and use. He has more than 20 years of experience in the private sector developing data resources and tools for integration and analysis of geographic, demographic, economic and business data. Warren Glimpse/ProximityOne/Alexandria, VA USA and Takashi Hamilton/Tsukasa/Osaka, Japan are co-developers of VDA. Contact Warren. Join Warren on LinkedIn.

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