Economic Prosperity by ZIP Code Area

Based on the American Community Survey 2013 5-year estimates (ACS0913), ten ZIP Code Areas had a median household income of $250,000 or more during 2009-13. These data were released in December 2014 and will be the most current measure until updated in December 2015. See the list of all ZIP codes showing median household and related measures in this related Web table.

This section reviews measures of economic prosperity for all ZIP code areas. Use the interactive table to view, rank, compare and query ZIP code attributes.

Examining demographic-economic characteristics by ZIP code is important for several reasons. We are familiar with our own ZIP codes as a geographic location. We tend to be interested in our area compared to other areas. ZIP code area provide an easy way to do that. Also, many secondary data resources (such as those reviewed here) are tabulated by ZIP code area; some only by ZIP code area. See more about ZIP Code areas.

Top 100 ZIP Code Areas Based on Median Household Income
The following graphic shows locations of the ZIP code areas with the highest median household income.

View developed with CV XE GIS software. Click graphic for larger view.

Additional views: (click link)
ZIP 77010 — Houston — in context of ZIP code boundary (red boundary)
    and Open Street Maps.

Using the Interactive Table
The interactive table is located here. The following graphic illustrates use of the table. To rank ZIP codes for Illinois based on median household income, the following steps are used: 1. click ShowAll button (below interactive table), 2. select Illinois (dropdown below table), 3. click Median Household Income header to sort.

Resources &. Methods to Examine Small Area Demographics
Join us in the small are data focused one hour no fee Web session. Accessing, integrating and using multi-sourced data for small area geography.

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