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36 Hours in Santa Fe

.. creating custom maps for planning and analysis .. this section starts with the New York Times story 36 Hours in Santa Fe. We review how you can use no cost tools to develop custom maps and gain insight into demographic attributes of specific locations with intersection to intersection level of detail.

Visual Analysis of Santa Fe & Selected Locations
The following view shows Santa Fe locations (red markers) included in the New York Times story.

Click graphic for larger view. View developed with CV XE GIS software.

Demographic-Economic Characteristics of Santa Fe Metro
View the Metro Profile for the Santa Fe, NM metropolitan area. Examine demographic trends for Santa Fe County, NM, assess the economic profile for the metro and more. View the City Profile for Santa Fe, NM.

Steps to Develop the Map Views & GeoDemographic Analysis
1. Use APIGeocoder to geocode the locations based on address.
2. Add the shapefile created by APIGeocoder to a GIS project.
3. Use CV XE GIS to create mapg shown in this section and perform related geodemographic analyses.

Examining a Location
The following view shows a zoom-in to the Plaza Cafe location (see pointer in map). The identify tool is used to display a mini profile. This profile shows three attributes assigned by APIGeocoder (among others) … 1) the location is in census block 350490004001021 (blue highlight in graphic, block 1021 in census tract 000400), the street segment location is TIGERLine ID 169377560, 3) the location is on the left side of the segment.

Click graphic for larger view. View developed with CV XE GIS software.

More About the Street Segment Location
The following view shows a mini profile of the TIGERLine roads street segment where the Plaza Cafe is located. This view shows the roads layer (see in legend at left of map) checked on; streets based on shapefile are visible in the map. Add the TIGERLine roads shapefile (for any county) using the CV XE GIS Geogateway feature. This profile shows the left-side and right-side street segment high and low address range and left- and right-side ZIP code.

Click graphic for larger view. View developed with CV XE GIS software.

Block Group Demographics
The Census 2010 census block for the location is 350490004001021 (see above). The Census API can be used to access detailed demographics from ACS 2012 5-year estimates for the block group (BG — areas averaging 1,200 population).

Click this link to access population and median household income for this BG

The returned JSON values are:
[[“B01001_001E”,”B19013_001E”,”state”,”county”,”tract”,”block group”],
Population (item B01001_001E): 436 with
Median household income (item B19013_001E) $63,287.

Select from thousands of subject matter items at the census block and block group levels.

Support Using these Resources
Learn more about demographic economic data and related analytical tools. Join us in a Decision-Making Information Web session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.