Using the New Census 2010 PUMS Data

.. you can now create/use custom demographic estimates by Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA), state and the U.S. based on the Census 2010 Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) data.  The Census Bureau released the Census 2010 PUMS data this week (November 12, 2014). Use custom estimates to enhance knowledge about the demographic size and composition not otherwise possible. Learn more about your markets, clientele served and previously unknown opportunities.

The Census 2010 PUMS is a 10-percent sample, making the sampling rate 10 times larger that the American Community Survey 1-year PUMS data.  For example, there are 135,513 unweighted person records in the Census 2010 Hawaii PUMS and 14,286 unweighted person records in the ACS 2013 1-Year PUMS. As a result, many more detailed population and housing attributes can be estimated using the Census 2010 PUMS compared to ACS 1-year PUMS.  For example, using the Census 2010 PUMS, it is possible to develop usable estimates of the Native Hawaiian alone or in combination with other races population crossed by age and other attributes by PUMA … or the Asian Indian alone or in combination with other races population crossed by age and other attributes by PUMA.

Southern California Percent Asian Population by PUMA

Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files provide a way to develop custom estimates of demographic summary statistics for PUMAs, states and the U.S. Both Census 2010 and American Community Survey (ACS) PUMS files are comprised of samples of individual respondent person and housing unit records. The ACS PUMS files are released annually providing a means to develop similar custom estimates with annual updates.

There are 2,378 2010 Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) covering the U.S. wall-to-wall. PUMAs have a minimum of 100,000 population and where possible coterminous with a set of census tracts and county boundaries. As an example, there are 69 PUMAs that comprise Los Angeles County. See more about 2010 PUMAs.

See the related Web section Census 2010 PUMS.

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