Demographic State of the States

In 2013, the state median age ranged from 30.2 (Utah) to 44.0 (Maine). The percent population 25 years and over who are college graduates ranged from 18.8% (West Virginia) to 55.1% (District of Columbia). Median household income ranged from $37,963 (Mississippi) to $72,483 (Maryland). These data are examples of data from the “Demographic State of the States 2013” reviewed here and covered in more detail in this Web section.

Use the interactive table in the related Web section to examine selected demographic characteristics of the U.S. and states based 2013 American Community Survey (ACS 2013) 1-year estimates. Query, rank, compare on selected demographic-economic subject matter items. The data in the table, and the table itself, were developed using data access tools available on the ACS 2013 API interactive table. These 2013 data are the most recent estimates (released Septermber 2014) and update with 2014 estimates to be released in the fall 2015.

In just 4 clicks using the related API interactive table, you can access the subject matter items shown in the table below for any area tabulated in the ACS 2013 1-year geography (areas 65,000 population or more). You can build a table similar to the states table for your custom set of geographic areas. Select from geography including regions, divisions, states, counties, county subdivisions/towns, cities/places, Native American areas, metros, congressional districts, school districts.

Patterns of Educational Attainment
Percent College Graduate, 2013, by State

Labels show percent of population 25 years and over who are college graduates
Click graphic for larger view and more detail.
View developed using CV XE GIS software and related GIS project.

Items Included in the Table
Twenty items are included in the table:
Area Name
Total population
Population, White one race alone
Population, Black one race alone
Population, American Indian/Alaska Native one race alone
Population, Asian one race alone
Population, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander one race alone
Population, Some other race alone
Population, Two or more races
Hispanic population (of any race)
Median age (total population)
Total housing units
Occupied housing units/households
Median household income
Percent high school graduate
Percent college graduate
Median housing value
Median gross rent

10 States with Highest Percent College Graduates
Use the interactive table to create ranking such as the one shown below. The righmost column is sorted in descending order based on percent college graduates (of the population 25 years and over).

Support Using these Resources
Learn more about accessing and using ACS data integrated with other data; examine characteristics and patterns for your study areas and applications. Join us in a Decision-Making Information Web session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

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