Examining Life Expectancy by County

Life expectancy in the United States in 2007 ranged from 65.9 to 81.1 years for men and 73.5 to 86.0 years for women. When compared against a time series of life expectancy in the 10 nations with the lowest mortality, U.S. counties range from being 15 calendar years ahead to over 50 calendar years behind for men and 16 calendar years ahead to over 50 calendar years behind for women. Between 2000 and 2007, 80% (men) and 91% (women) of U.S. counties fell in standing against this international life expectancy standard. These are among the findings reported in Population Health Metrics.

This section reviews interactive tools and resources that you can use to examine county life expectancy and related data.

Male Life Expectancy by County, 2007

County Life Expectancy Interactive Table
Use the Web interactive table to view, compare, analyze the U.S. by county level data from the above study in combination with related demographic-economic measures.

The following graphic illustrates how the table can be used to examine life expectancy patterns by county. A query is used to select only Charlotte NC-SC metro counties, Each row shows data for a county. The 2000 and 2007 life expectancy data are shown at right in the graphic,

Visual Analysis using GIS Resources
Use GIS tools to visually examine life expectancy patterns. Create thematic pattern maps such as the male life expectancy by county pattern map shown above or corresponding female pattern map shown below. Members of the ProximityOne User Group may download and use the county life expectancy GIS project to develop maps like these. Zoom into regions of interest. Add other layers. Label the maps as desired. Use other subject matter to develop related pattern views. Modify the legend defining life expectancy intervals.

Female Life Expectancy by County, 2007

Healthcare Analysis and Situation & Outlook
The ProximityOne Situation & Outlook (S&O) Program is a combined database and interpretive resource that you can use to better understand the existing healthcare situation, find out how area demographic-economic conditions are changing, and assess how changing conditions might impact various components of the healthcare infrastructure.

Support Using these Resources
Learn more about healthcare geographic-demographic-economic data, patterns and related analytical tools. Join us in a Decision-Making Information Web session. There is no fee for these one-hour Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants.

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