County Population Projections 2020

.. examining county demographic trends 2010-2020: population estimates & projections by age in structured profiles.

Find out about the recent past and expected future demographic trends and patterns in your county(s) of interest. Examine the distribution of the population by 5 year age cohort, other age groups and by year.

This section reviews how you can access and use ProximityOne national scope county annual demographic estimates and projections for the period 2010 through 2020. These estimates and projections are a part of the ProximityOne Situation & Outlook program. Estimates and projections are developed using county simultaneous equation models. See methodology.

Visual Trend Analysis
The graphic below shows projected population change 2010 to 2020 by county for the south central U.S. Use CV XE GIS with ready-to-use GIS project for collaboration and visual analysis.

Click graphic for larger view of U.S. with color legend details.

User Group Access
Members of the ProximityOne User Group may access any of the total population county level profiles shown in the interactive table in the corresponding Outlook 2020 web section.  Join the User Group now, there is no fee.

Sample County Profile
The graphic shown below illustrates the projections profile structure for Jackson County, MO. Descriptive stubs at left show the age group. Columns show the estimates and projections (only a few columns appear in the graphic).

Related Demographic-Economic Projections
More about ProximityOne demographic-economic estimates and projections:
• Outlook 2018 | Outlook 2030 | Outlook 2060 | Quarterly 3 year
• integrated multi-sourced Situation & Outlook demographic-economic data

County Demographic Estimates & Projections Interactive Table
The graphic shown below illustrates structure/use of the interactive table. Click graphic to open the table ( Navigate to a county of interest in the table. Clicking a link shown in the table opens a new page showing demographic patterns and trends for that county. All links require a userid and password. Members of the ProximityOne User Group may use their userid and password to view the Total population profile. Access to other profiles is available on a fee basis.

Terms of Use. Estimates and projections described in this section and in related files are proprietary to ProximityOne. The data may be used in any manner without further authorization except that the data may not be redistributed. There is no warranty or guarantee of any type. The user is solely responsible for any use.

Support & DMI Web Sessions
Learn more about using resources described in this section. Join us in a Decision-Making Information Web session. There is no fee for these Web sessions. Each informal session is focused on a specific topic. The open structure also provides for Q&A and discussion of application issues of interest to participants. We can address your specific questions about using demographic economic data and related applications.

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