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Geocoding Address Data; Using Geocoded Data

… determine the census block, census tract and other geographies for most any U.S. street address, and its demographic-economic characteristics, using the no fee APIGeocoder.  Geocoding is a key element in many decision-making information applications.  Geocoding is the process of converting address-oriented data into a structure that enables showing those addresses as markers on a map. The graphic presented below illustrates how an address (7500 Mission Rd, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208) can be shown as a marker (see pointer) in context of roads and other geography. This address is located in a block group area with median household income of $46,372 and median housing value of $168,800 as determined by APIGeocoder. See in third graphic below. This section provides an overview of the APIGeocoder, a Windows-based software tool that can be used to geocode addresses … and optionally much more.

Address/Location in Context of Related Geography

See related drill-down view.

Geocoding and geocoding results are much more than converting addresses into a structure for map display … they enable far-reaching location, routing and pattern analysis. Entering one address at a time can be useful in some situations. But generally, there is an interest in geocoding hundreds to many thousands of addresses — and saving the geocoded results for reuse. An association might geocode its members; a business its customers; a school district its schools, teachers, mentors, students; a healthcare practitioner its clients. Additional codes then enable the data to be viewed in a map to examine patterns. Answering questions … where do certain types/markers cluster? What areas seem to have voids/no activity? What are prospective problem spots? How are the addresses, as a set, changing over time? How do this years patterns compare to last years? What is trending?

The APIGeocoder is a tool that you can use to address code your address-oriented data. APIGeocoder uses API technology to determine, and then assign, latitude-longitude values to the address. APIGeocoder also determines and assigns other codes useful for Geographic Information System (GIS) applications. APIGeocoder is a companion tool for use with the CV XE GIS software.  More generally, APIGeocoder can be used to develop geocoded data with any GIS software.

Start-up View of APIGeocoder
The following graphic shows an address in the left group box. 

Geocode Results
Clicking the CodeOne (see pointer), geocoded characteristics of this address are shown in the right group box. Scroll down to view descriptions of geocoded results.

Clicking the HTML button (top right) generates an HTML page:

Click graphic for full HTML view.

When using the BatchCode feature, the address file is updated with geocode results. View the illustrative 28 record address file (addr1.dbf) with geocoded — excel file.

Try it Yourself
Install the APIGeocoder (see below) and key in an address in the Input Address section. ID and Name are not required. Then click the “CodeOne” button to view the Geocoded Results.

APIGeocoder Installation
The no fee APIGeocoder is available to members of the ProximityOne User GroupJoin now, there is no fee.  To install on your Windows computer, click APIGeocoder Installer and follow the prompts taking all defaults.

More Information and Support
See the APIGeocoder main Web page for additional information.  Join us in a DMI Web session for APIGeocoder Q&A and participate in sessions focused on APIGeocoder.