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Decision-Making Information Web Sessions

Join us in an upcoming DMI Web Session … how to improve our ability to understand where we are … and where we are going? How can we use data to better understand patterns, where and how change will occur … and how change will impact us? Have we got the best data to answer the right questions?

The one hour informal sessions are focused on selected topics regarding development, integration and use of decision-making information.  Ask your questions about DMI tools, resources and their use … whether on the focus session or otherwise. There is no fee to participate.

Some of the most important data resources are developed/made accessible through stove-piped channels. Data are often difficult to access and integrate with other data. Media, form and format of publication differ widely. Changing technology, geography and subject matter universes over time create challenges to examine what the data are telling us. Methods, tools and resources are reviewed in the these sessions to make analytical endeavors and resulting insights more effective.

Upcoming Sessions
Using API Technology: Integrating Multi-sourced Data 3/18/14
Examining the School District Community & Infrastructure 3/25/14
State Legislative District & Congressional District Demographics 4/1/14
Metropolitan Area Characteristics & Trends 4/8/14
Developing Custom Estimates using ACS Public Use Microdata Samples 4/15/14
Situation & Outlook Quarterly Briefing 4/17/14
Using TIGER/Line Shapefiles; Visual Data Analysis 4/22/14
Census Block, Block Group & Census Tract Pattern Analysis 4/29/14

See additional details about each session.

Use the registration form to register for sessions. There is no fee. Check back for new/additional sessions.