Geographic Information Systems & Decision-Making

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can show the visual landscape of a business and its market … customers by types and location … sales territories and performance features … competitive position … market size and opportunity … among others … all in dynamic maps. GIS tools and resources are equally powerful in government, research, academic and other non-profit settings. GIS resources are essential for situation assessment and planning.

Examining Economic Prosperity in Texas by Neighborhood

… click graphic or link to see how you can use the underlying GIS project.

GIS visually based insights are unparalleled in enabling us to see where, when and how change is occurring. Frequent database refreshes can provide up-to-date pictures of the current situation for management and strategic applications. GIS resources can augment collaborative sessions providing a view of where we are now … and how things might change in the future.

Using GIS in Decision-Making
How can you use GIS in decision-making? View the new Geographic Information Systems & Decision-Making document (PDF).

GIS Resources You Can Use to Faciliate Decision-Making
Use GIS tools with ready-to-use state by neighborhood GIS projects. Click here for more information. These resources are provided as a part of the ProximityOne User GroupJoin now … there is no fee to participate.

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