API Integrated Data Profiles

Getting an integrated view of up-to-date decision-making information … many key demographic-economic measures are developed by different agencies and organizations. It can be challenging to assemble these data for a holistic, more comprehensive view. Differently sourced data are developed for varying time periods and frequency of update; it can be problematic in bringing together monthly, quarterly and annual data — and have the most up-to-date view possible.

This section is focused on the “APIGateway Integrated Data Profile” (IDP). The IDP is a report providing monthly, quarterly, annual and decennial data by county — any county in the U.S. See the current Mecklenburg, NC IDP. See more general information.

Mecklenburg County, NC (Charlotte NC-SC metro)

View illustrative IDPs:
Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix metro)
Santa Clara County, CA (San Jose metro)
Johnson County, KS (Kansas City metro)
Harris County, TX (Houston metro)

Create Your Own IDPs Now
Freshly updated IDPs can be generated for counties of interest using the no-fee, no-cost APIGateway. Follow these simple steps (How to Run Reports) to install the application on your Windows computer; create profiles of interest.

API Technology
Using API (Application Programming Interface) technologies, the APIGateway fetches data from multi-sourced servers where updated data are stored. There are no large database downloads; no custom application development steps.

The IDP reports are generated in HTML structure and can be easily viewed with a Web browser. The data, and thus the reports, update monthly. Optionally update an IDP in March/monthly, getting new/updated workforce data … establishments, employment, wages by industry sectors and employment/unemployment.

Longitudinal Data
An interesting feature of the report is that it shows the annual demographic-economic data for Census 2000 and Census 2010 as well as the annual American Community Survey data and Census Bureau annual model-based estimates in a side-by-side manner. This longitudinal data view using multiple data sources creates an easy-to-consume, powerful and unique way to gauge patterns and trends. Monthly workforce data provide a valuable, more recent, update.

Related County Demographic-Economic Data Resources
  • See CountyTrends Web section

IDP Updates
The IDP structure is new and continues to evolve. Please send feedback and suggestions that might improve usefulness.

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