Road Corridor Demographics

There are more than 50 million road segments in the U.S. While it is most common to view/analyze small area demographics for geographic areas such as census blocks, block groups or census tracts, the focus of this section is on providing demographic attributes for the left and right side of individual road segments. 

Road corridor demographics are demographics attached to the right- and left-sides of a road/street segment. These are demographics (e.g., population, housing, median income, etc.) for the census block or block group that the road segment faces or passes through. A road/street segment is the section of a road/street between two intersections.

Using road corridor demographics, the characteristics of chained/linked road segments, a pathway or a corridor, can be analyzed. Road segments have left- and right-side address ranges and road corridor demographics can be developed through the aggregation of address-oriented data located on the road of interest. Address data can be geocoded and attached to road segement. Examples include customers, housing sales, or patient data on a particular road segment.

See more details about developing and using road corridor demographics at road corridor demographics. The tools and methods described there are in production use. They may be applied to any county or higher-level geographic area in the whole U.S. This one-step batch application requires TIGER/Line edges, feature names and faces shapefiles. The CV XE API acquires the demographic data via Internet and codes these demographics into the road corridor shapefile, which is created as the primary output of the process.

The application demonstrated at road corridor demographics is focused on Alexandria, Virginia. The yellow highlighted road segment in the map graphic below is W. Braddock Road but could be any other set of roads.

Using these Resources
The CV XE GIS software available to members of the ProximityOne User Group (join now, no fee) can create the basic corridor demographics shapefile for any county in the U.S. The resulting shapefile may be used with CV XE GIS to perform analyses and/or used with other GIS software.

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