DMI Mentoring Program

Goto ProximityOne  The Decision-Making Information (DMI) Mentoring Program (DMIMP) is an educational program entered into between Warren Glimpse of ProximityOne and DMIMP participants. The objective of the DMIMP is for participants to develop a certain skill/ability level using using DMI resources and methods. There is no fee for program participants.

Participants in the DMIMP may be of any academic level generally starting at high school junior. Most DMIMP participants are pursuing a graduate degree or engaged in post-doctorate research. Often the DMIMP focus in on a dissertation or research topic.  DMIMP participants must have an approved project(s) or application topic(s).

There is no specific time period for which DMIMP participants are “enrolled.” Typically the time period will be approximately one year. Participants receive DMIMP Certificate of Completion. Presently there are no transferable academic credit hours awarded. Following the award of the Certificate, a forum for continuing involvement, and engagement with peers, is provided.

The DMIMP is comprised of Web-based instructional components. DMIMP participants are enrolled in these instructional segments in a manner similar to online courses.

The DMIMP is focused on the intersection of these foundation elements:

Situation & Outlook database and modeling
Digital Map Database
Geographic Information System software

A customized program is developed for each DMIMP participant.  The program follows a general structure oriented to the participant’s application area(s).

For more information on the DMIMP, send a message and mention DMIMP in the text section.

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