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County-to-County Migration

Migration is one key element in determining how the demographics of an area are changing.  County to county migration data provide insights into how the county population might change in the future.

An average of approximately 130,000 people move every day in the U.S. Based on the American Community Survey 2010 5-year estimates data, 47.3 million people lived in a different house a year earlier and 17.3 million of them lived in a different county within the U.S.

Seven of the top 10 flows of movers were among counties in the Los Angeles and Riverside-San Bernardino, CA metro areas. An estimated 44,020 people, an average of about 121 per day, moved from Los Angeles County to San Bernardino County, CA.

Large County-to-County Yearly Flows 

Current County County of Residence 1 Year Ago Movers
San Bernardino, CA Los Angeles, CA 44,020
Orange, CA Los Angeles, CA 40,643
Riverside, CA Los Angeles, CA 30,443
Los Angeles, CA Orange, CA 28,450
Broward, FL Miami-Dade, FL 25,246
Riverside, CA San Bernardino, CA 23,942
Riverside, CA Orange, CA 23,663
Pinal, AZ Maricopa, AZ 21,969
Oakland, MI Wayne, MI 21,919
DuPage, IL Cook, IL 21,835
Los Angeles, CA San Bernardino, CA 20,921

Examining In-bound and Out-bound Movers in Counties of Interest
Use this interactive table (click link) to examine patterns of in-bound and out-bound county-to-county movers.  The table contains all combinations of from- and to- county movers and is quite large; it may take a minute to initially load.

The following graphic illustrates use of the interactive table showing movers from Los Angeles County “1 year ago” to the “current county of residence.”  The destination county with the largest number movers (44,020 – see pointer) was to San Bernardino County.  Note that the movers — 44,020 — is the same number as shown in the table above.  But using the interactive table, it is possible to view every destination county.  Conversely, you can determine the number of inbound movers for every origin county.

Los Angeles County Outbound Migration

Los Angeles County Outbound Migration

To develop the graphic shown above, follow the steps using the interactive table.
Click ShowAll button below table.
– Click Find R1YA button below table.
– Click R1YA Columns button below table. Table now looks similar to above view.
– Finally, click the header cell in the Movers column to sort in descending order.

Try this sequence for any county of interest — start with ShowAll button.

Determining More About Individual County Migration
View the migration profile for Oneida County, NY.  This profile can be developed for any county. The table presented in that section shows a row for each of the 182 areas (residence one year earlier) from which one or more people are estimated to have moved to Oneida County, NY.  Similar profiles for other counties:
San Diego County, CA
Broward County, FL
Honolulu County, HI
Wayne County, MI … Detroit
Stark County, ND … Bakken Field boom
Philadelphia, PA
Bee County, TX … Eagle Ford Shale development
Dimmit County, TX … Carrizo Springs
Harris County, TX … Houston

Contact me to obtain a migration profile for a county of interest.

More Current Estimates & Updates
A new post of county-to-county migration is planned for late 2013 or early 2014 using similarly structured data from ACS 2011 — a one year update to data reviewed here.   A subsequent new post of county-to-county migration is planned for mid 2014 using similarly structured data from ACS 2012 — a two year update to data reviewed here.   These three years of annual will be organized into a mini-time-series to examine annual county-to-county migration patterns over time.