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State Legislative District Demographic Patterns

All states, except Nebraska which is unicameral, have statewide lower and upper legislative districts.  As of 2013, the 6,558 state legislative districts in the U.S. are comprised of 4,629 lower/house chambers and 1,929 upper/senate chambers. Of the total state legislative districts, 1,257 are 100-percent urban (every census block comprising the district is urban), 19 are 100-percent rural, and 927 are less than 1-percent urban. Use the interactive table at http://proximityone.com/sld2013.htm to view, rank, compare state legislative districts by rural and urban population and geographic area. See more about using GIS tools to visually examine U.S. or state by state legislative district patterns such as percent population urban. Viewing graphics with gesture/zoom enabled device suggested.


Ohio Upper %Urban

Ohio Lower %Urban

Ohio Lower %Urban